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Fuzhou Binglian Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, engaged in refrigeration equipment, general machinery, electronic machinery products, building materials, chemical raw materials (excluding dangerous goods) purchasing and sales, indoor air conditioning equipment installation services, and undertaking large-scale freezer construction and installation projects. project. The company sells products widely used in chemical, paper, sugar, textile, electronics, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, beer, food and other industries. 

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  • Tube ice machine

    Tube ice machine The binglian tube ice machine has a capacity range of 1ton to 70 ton of ice per day, making it the preferred choice of ice machine for thousands of food service applications worldwide. Heavy-duty industrial construction, automatic operation, energy efficiency and the best warrant...

  • Plate ice machine

    Plate ice ranges from 10mm to 15mm in thickness and has no fixed shape. Recom plate ice machines are made for commercial and industrial application and are used regularly in the fish industry. The produced plate ice is sub-cooled to -1,5°C/-2°C. One of the advantages of ...

  • Tube Ice Plant Solution

    Tube ice plant handles all activities including the production, storage, transportation, wholesale and retail of tube ice. The capability of a typical tube ice plant can be planned as much as 10~200ton/day but shall be based on the surrounding environment and the actual demand. Larger ice product...

  • BINGLIAN freezing and chilling solutions for frozen meat, poultry and fish, bakery and dairy products, and ready meals.

    With the rapid change in market demands and innovations in food processing, there have been many product developments that require unique handling. experts in frozen food applications ensure selection of the optimal solution for your product.BINGLIAN spiral freezers and chillers are designed for ...

  • Ideal for continuous tray freezing and increased productivity

    Binglian horizontal plate freezers are specially designed to freeze all types of fish, seafood, meat and poultry, vegetables, fruits and ready meals in trays. Our plate freezers are CO2-operated and extremely energy-saving. We use leak-free hose connections without a nee...