About Us

Fuzhou Binglian Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, engaged in refrigeration equipment, general machinery, electronic machinery products, building materials, chemical raw materials (excluding dangerous goods) purchasing and sales, indoor air conditioning equipment installation services, and undertaking large-scale freezer construction and installation projects. project. The company sells products widely used in chemical, paper, sugar, textile, electronics, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, beer, food and other industries. Sales of refrigeration system piston compressors, screw compressors, refrigeration auxiliary equipment, etc. for large and medium-sized single-unit cold storage projects at home and abroad. The company sells products including refrigeration unit, ice machine, evaporative cooling, quick freezing machine, air cooler, refrigeration parts, etc. The suppliers that cooperate with the company are well-known brands at home and abroad, such as DANFOSS, BITZER, MYCOM, CABERO, SIEMENS, ZIEHL. -ABEGG, and so on. The company has design qualifications for large and medium-sized cold storage and air-conditioning fields. The company has refrigeration engineers and project installation engineers.


The company adopts the advanced supply demand concept to provide customers with refrigeration design solutions, cooperate with engineering installations, and provide after-sales service, followed by sales. Refrigeration is actually a semi-finished product, 50% of the value is the product itself; 50% of the value can be achieved through installation and after-sales. The company has a professional and dedicated after-sales service team, urgency for customers, 24 hours to provide customers with repair services.
The company's service tenet is: to maximize the interests of the owners, to work with employees to grow together, and to contribute to the community.